We  go the extra mile to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed and all details are accurately depicted in a timely report.


With over 20 years in the building trades and home inspection services, we know what to look for and what it takes to fix it.


We ensure that all our customers walk away with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision.

Dale was very quick to get on our job for our purchase of a new home. He was very detail orientated and provided a thorough walk through of all the items he identified. The report he provided was very clear and straightforward as well. Not only did Dale provide feedback on the items he identified but he also helped talk through the troubleshooting that could occur to fix the issues and helped us understand the potential financial impact. Dale answered all our questions and was very approachable with being honest and open about everything. Thank you very much Dale!


Dale was very prompt on responding to our call regarding a home inspection. When we got to the home Dale was very helpful and willing to answer all of our questions. His report showed pictures and detailed descriptions of areas in the home, both minor and major, that needed attention. He also provided other names to professionals that might be helpful to address specific areas in the home. (ie. roofing, electrical, and plumbing services) Dale made us feel comfortable and that he was working for us. We would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to buy a home, his knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciated! Thanks again Dale!


Dale did our inspection and did a wonderful job he did a very thorough job. We've never hired a inspector before and weren't aware of all they do. Dale checked every nook and cranny of the home we are planning on purchasing . The report was very detailed so we knew every thing that needed to be addressed in the home. Dale did a walk through in the home with us after th inspection and pointed out everything he found on the report. We would definitely Recommend Dale to anyone who is in need of a house inspection, great job Dale!!!!


Dale is extremely professional, thorough, and straight forward. It was refreshing to work with someone so honest and knowledgable. He walked us through every item on his list and gave helpful estimations on approximately how much things may cost to how immediate items may need to be addressed. Since my husband and I are first time home buyers and do not have any prior experience, having someone like Dale that you can really rely on to give you this information was such a relief. Dale's reports are very clear with photos that include arrows to the problem areas and detailed descriptions. We plan on using our report as a to do list moving forward. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good inspector!


Dale took care of our inspection needs without delay and provided a detailed report
within 24 hours. His is professional and excellent. We appreciate his work
on our new home and would recommend his services to all who inquire.


Dale had the inspection completed before he said he would. It was very thorough and he found several items of concern. His inspection allowed me to make an addendum to my offer to have the serious issues repaired by the seller or allow me to walk away from the deal. I will definitely use Dale again if I need this type of service in the future.


Dale was quick and thorough; it was scheduled and taken care of immediately. The report was well put-together and easy to read and understand. We had a lot of questions as new home-buyers and Dale was willing to answer everything we asked. If and when we do decide to pursue another house down the road, I will be going with this company.

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